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Clinically designed, AI-powered software that transforms patient monitoring

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We helped design and develop WARD - an algorithm-based alarm system, which allows for continuous, automatic monitoring of hospitalised patients’ vital values.

"We love working with NoA Ignite! They have an incredible ability to understand the complexity of what we do — and are able to translate it in a way that truly meet our users, the nurses, needs. Furthermore, the NoA Ignite designers are really talented to the purely‘aesthetic’ part in a way where their simple product design becomes a functionality in itself. Our best pitch is actually just showing the app to our investors and users. It speaks for itself!"

Betina Langemark, Co-founder & CEO

How can we free up nurse time for care and reduce clinical complications?


In Danish hospitals, patients' vital values are manually measured by a member of staff multiple times a day. These values are indicative of physical condition and can signal illness or deterioration. However, manual measurements are labor intensive, and introduce clinical risks as time lapses between measurements. Automating this process could enhance patient safety, especially for vulnerable groups, while allowing staff to allocate more time to care.

Clinically designed, algorithm-based software transforming patient monitoring


Utilising wireless sensors and clinically designed, algorithm-based software, the WARD app automatically monitors patients’ vital values. The app provides a clear overview of the patient’s condition and instantly alerts the nurse if potential complications or deterioration occurs. In addition, nurses can easily document the patient’s vital values in the electronic patient records, Sundhedsplatformen.

Since the launch of the first version of the app, numerous new features have been added without compromising on ease of use and, very importantly, safety of the patients.

The solution has drastically reformed patient monitoring

The result

The solution has reformed patient monitoring by enhancing efficiency. It frees up time, enabling staff to focus on patient care while reducing clinical complications and hospital costs. That in itself is a huge result! In 2022 the solution won the gold Data Science Award 2022 at the Danish Digital Awards: “Gold is given to a case that solves an extremely current and serious problem – a question of life or death.”

“The solution shows an in-depth knowledge of the users' workflows and daily challenges, and the first results leave no doubt about the solution's great potential - in its current form and through further utilisation via data science.…”

In 2024, the solution received the EU Medical Device Regulation certificate AKA CE-marking. Being the 7th company in DK to receive this, as well as one of the youngest, it means the solution can be adapted to similar markets across the EU.