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P+ Pension

Making an abstract future tangible

NoA Ignite and P+ are working closely across multiple simultaneous tracks to continuously improve and develop the portal for all members in P+.

The Challenge

P+ aims to ensure optimal pension coverage for their members while retaining their satisfaction and loyalty. In this regard, P+ has a clear goal to improve the way they communicate their members digitally. Problem is, humans are “future blind.” We simply can’t think more than 5 years into the future. Also, we always prioritise what’s right in front of us. Therefore, relating to pension and retirement is very difficult.

The solution

The new member portal is a key tool in the relationship between P+ and its members. For many members, it might be the only interaction they have with P+ over many years. Hence, the solution needs to give members a clear, understandable and actionable overview:

1. Let members understand their pension and incurrence situation in all life stages.

2. Help them evaluate this situation: Am I setting enough aside etc.

3. Empower them to take action if they need to.

4. Give them peace of mind that everything is in order.