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Outfit International

Outfit International

Two online flagship stores for one of the world’s leading manufactures of hunting apparel

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    • eCommerce
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    • Next.js
    • Sanity
    • Centra
    • Occtoo
    • Inriver

We helped Outfit International build an optimised e-comm experience for the two brands Härkila & Seeland, showcasing each hunting brand's uniqueness - built for scalability, growth and optimised internal workflows.

  • +43% E-comm revenue

  • +36% Number of orders

  • +7% Average basket size

  • -6,5% Returns

How can we design two distinct shops built on same platform?


Outfit International - Producing high quality hunting apparel since 1976 - wanted help to conceptualise, design and build two new e-comm experiences for their brands Härkila og Seeland. The solutions should be built on same platform, but each have a distinct design — supporting each brands, their products, technologies and customers.

Besides creating the best customer experience the goal was to ensure a flexible, scalable and hyphenate technical architecture, which both optimised the internal workflow at Outfit International and ensured the needed flexibility.

A composable setup improving sales and workflows


With a strong focus on providing guidance, knowledge and brand desire through great product presentations, we set out to deliver an authentic experience for adventurous hunters everywhere. Built on a flexible API-first and headless foundation to both ensure the best customer experience and a highly improved workflow for the teams working on the platforms.

The solution was two new e-comm flagship stores, each clearly showcasing the Härkila and Seeland brands — with each their uniqueness and hunting focus. This, combined with an optimised user experience quickly increasing sales. Furthermore a composable platform setup, which optimised the workflows at Outfit International significantly, and delivered the needed flexibility when it comes to e.g enriching products with the relevant information. This, minimising the time to market – all based on best practice processes and a best of breed solution.

The above numbers for Härkila after the first half year speak for themselves


The two e-commerce sites and their new technical architecture immediately showed amazing results — both when it comes to increased sales and optimised internal workflows. Time to market has been significantly lowered by ensuring a flexible and user friendly internal setup — easy for all staff to use and be onboarded to. The improvements have also had a positive impact on the purchasing experience.