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Re-engineering, optimising and stabilising the tech stack and e-commerce to support Order YOYO’s growth journey.

  • 2021 IPO: OrderYOYO went public in 2021

  • 2021 Entering Germany as new market

  • +9K Restaurants empowered

"Partnering with NoA and our in-house tech and product teams, we significantly upgraded OrderYOYO's tech stack and platform. This collaboration led to a more robust system, improved scalability, and higher conversion rates, all contributing to our growth ambitions."

Ralf Sohl, Chief Technology Officer

A tech stack to back up growth


OrderYOYO develops and markets software to enable the growth of local take-away restaurants across DK, UK, DE and IR. With momentum sparked by a general surge in take-away orders during the COVID-19 lockdown and an ambition to achieve deeper market penetration in advance of a forthcoming listing on First North, they needed to raise the bar across the board within a 6-month window. In general they were successful in attaining new customers, but struggled driving repeat purchases and understanding their sales potential, along with managing and effectively utilising the ever-increasing data points.

A complete re-build of the e-commerce experience & tech stack


NoA mobilised a team to act as a task force focused on re-engineering, optimising and stabilising the OrderYOYO tech stack and e-commerce. This included updated UX, design and development of their bespoke website and app solutions for over 5,000 restaurant partners — both end-user and staff facing.
Furthermore our work covered implementing a tracking setup and extensive data modelling to generate insights to guide decisions and prioritised efforts — all executed with OrderYOYO employees to ensure proper implementation and closing skill-gaps.

A complete re-build enabling scalability and enhanced conversion

The result

The result covered a complete re-build ordering flow to eliminate downtime, enable scalability and enhance conversion rate. Furthermore scalable end-to-end automation of their search engine marketing efforts, and an e-mail strategy resulting in: a revenue improvement with a combination of trigerede flows, CDP use cases and ongoing campaigns.