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Dansk Standard

An online portal facilitating the development and maintenance of national standards

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We assisted Dansk Standard with UX, design and development of their new committee portal. The goal was to streamline the daily work routines of committee consultants and members, while ensuring consistency, quality and safety in products, services and processes through standards in Denmark.

"We are extremely satisfied with our collaboration with NoA Ignite, who always deliver beautiful and well-worked deliveries, provide sparring and use their skills and experience to play us better and thereby ensure strong and durable solutions. We can definitely recommend them."

Rune Sønder, Digitaliseringskonsulent

How can we support and optimise the daily work routines for committees


Dansk Standard needed a new platform to empower their consultants and members in working with standards to a greater extent than the current one. The new solution needed to prioritise continuous scalability and enable increased automation of tasks and processes. This was intended to fulfil Dansk Standard's aspiration for improved adaptability in the broader context of standardisation, aiming to strengthen its position and maximise its value to customers.

A new portal that enables optimised processes and communication when working with standards


The new Committee portal is a completely redesigned platform for daily interaction with standards and collaboration between consultants and members. The implemented user experience and design incorporate principles from well-known social media, information and data library tools and platforms to maximise engagement. This is explicitly expressed in features such as notifications, voting, commenting, and document access and storage — all contributing to what Dansk Standard can offer its clients.