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Dansk Metal

Dansk Metal

A brand-new web platform driven by deep insights

  • Services

    • UX/UI Design
    • Development
    • Digital advisory
  • Technologies

    • Umbraco Cloud
    • Next.js
    • Vercel

We helped Dansk Metal build a brand new web platform focusing on improving the digital experience of both members and editors through insights into their needs and the organisation behind them.

Help build an entirely new web platform


Dansk Metal, one of the larger and oldest unions in Denmark, approached us with the task of conceptualising, designing, and building an entirely new web platform to enhance the user experience for both editors and users.

Besides creating the best possible user experience, the objective was to migrate from a Microsoft-based solution to a more flexible, scalable, and future-proof technical architecture - with the aim to optimise internal workflows across a diverse and complex stakeholder landscape while providing the needed flexibility for future enhancements.

Uncompromised flexibility and scalability


We conducted a comprehensive overhaul, implementing radical changes to their technical architecture to guarantee the requested flexibility and scalability without compromising their existing data and CRM setup. This transformation was done on an API-first and headless foundation.

Focusing on aligning with the current needs and challenges within this diverse and complex stakeholder landscape, we ensured a user-friendly, flexible and modular editor experience by selecting Umbraco Cloud as the CMS - while still ensuring adherence to the defined concept and visual identity.

The combined efforts have ensured a solution that not only meets their requirements but significantly outperforms their old one.

Significantly improved experience

The result

Through close collaboration with Dansk Metal and experts across a wide array of disciplines within UX, Design and Tech, Dansk Metal now offers an up-to-date solution both technically and visually.

Moreover, user testing has validated a significantly improved experience throughout the entire platform, highlighted by:

  • A redesigned/-structured information architecture
  • A personalised member portal with self-service capabilities
  • Increased focus on offerings, catering to both existing and potential members

In line with this, we also improved the editor experience, so in summary, a notably improved experience for all involved parties.