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Coop, Denmark’s leading consumer goods retailer, approached us with an ambitious plan for its membership program – the second largest in Denmark. We helped them create their innovative and award-winning app. Coop has seen amazing results over the years, and won the “Best App” at E-handelsprisen In 2019. The app increased their following significantly.

  • 1.8M Members

  • 25% Of all Danish households

  • 40% Digital users

  • 35% Active daily users

  • 10% Cut in media spend

  • 29 Points higher NPS

  • 50% Higher frequency among members

How could we optimise their membership program and increase customer loyalty?


Coop started their transformation from an analogue member-organisation to a digital frontrunner, more than 5 years ago. They’re constantly innovating on their app, which caters not only for their own 1.8 million users but now also to other retailers globally that want to increase customer loyalty and boost repeat purchases from their customers.