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CBS Executive Degrees

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We built a platform strong enough to carry all areas of Executive Degrees for CBS. It allowed them to unify their efforts and create engaging and personalised communication for current and soon-to-be students.

"NoA has complete control over the professional competences. But what sets NoA apart from many other agencies is their dedication. We find that NoA wants CBS to be a success just as much as we do. The collaboration feels like working side by side with colleagues towards the same goal. We appreciate that very much!"

Iben Rein Waldorff, HD Director

How can we optimise communication and use of data at CBS’ executive degree programs?


To establish a seamless communication strategy for stakeholder, CBS needed to improve its data processing efficiency.

The goal was to create a unified website approach that supports segmented program areas, ensures consistency in digital campaigns, and prioritises a user-friendly experience for content management. All this needed to be done while emphasising support for internal processes and, crucially, increas sales.

Platform design that unifies CBS's executive degrees


The solution involved close collaboration with Program Directors to prioritise navigation and information on a shared platform for CBS's executive degrees.

We used a "layering" strategy to organise content from the main site tunneling through areas, ​​education types and, eventually, specific courses. The modular design, Umbraco Cloud CMS, and integrations empower content creators, providing a cohesive user experience and a high-performing setup with Next.js on Microsoft Azure.

This transition unifies executive degrees, moving from individual sites to a single shared platform.