Sharing expenses is not a money problem - it’s a people problem
The Challenge
There are a ton of bill splitting apps out there, and Danske Bank also had its own integrated solution in the MobilePay app. But people weren’t using it as much as anticipated. Sharing expenses with friends and family can create friction, because it’s awkward to ask people to pay their share. We needed to solve a problem that everyone can relate to.
The Solution
The solution had to solve the problem of sharing expenses, as well as the friction that money can create between friends and family. 

 That’s why the experience starts as a conversation between friends, where people can create an event and chat. A bot assumes the role of book keeper and social gatekeeper and expenses are settled quickly via MobilePay.
The Result
The app has received very positive user ratings as it makes planning and sharing experiences easy and fun, and takes the friction out of sharing expenses. The app won five digital awards in 2017 e.g. Gold in “Innovation” at Danish Digital Awards.
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