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Matas Membership App
The Challenge
Matas is one of Denmark's most recognized and most reputable brands. Besides working closely with Matas on their successful 
e-com shop, we are continuously helping them develop their mobile app. The app is one of their main 1:1 channels, however, the app did not fulfil its potential and needed rethinking in terms of structure and personalized services and content.
As competition within beauty and healthcare grows and giants like Amazon entering the market, building customer loyalty is more important than ever for Matas.
The Solution
The app mimics the expert advice and inspiration you’ll meet in the psychical stores by bringing you “live-shopping” and direct video call with experts. Furthermore, when entering the store, the app provides you with an “in-store mode” which serves up relevant information about the product assortment and personalized special offers. Use your membership points to pay for your purchase and feel an instant sense of reward.
The Result
As a result of Matas’ 2025 strategy and constant focus on digitalising the business, the company is experiencing huge growth in sales and customer acquisition. 2M Club Matas members 90% active Club members Multiple winner of e-handelsprisen (i.a Guldprisen in 2020)