From underdog outsider to alternative insider
The Challenge
Since 2015, Lunar has been successful in attracting young customers using a compelling app and payment cards in funky colours. Today, Lunar has grown from being a tech startup to a full-grown bank. At Lunar, customers have full control over their own money. They get, among other things, positive interest rates, a number of fee-free services and an app that makes it possible to manage your own finances with a few clicks. When Lunar went public in 2015, the website had only one purpose; to get young people to download the app. Today, Lunar offers a wide range of services to both private and business customers of all ages. The new and more advanced Lunar therefore needed a completely new website that could communicate that Lunar is no longer just an app – but a bank with a wide range of services, which have been put together in a completely new way.
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The Solution
Old banks are built for the past. Lunar is built for the future. This is Lunar's philosophy in a nutshell, and it is also the main idea behind the design of the new website. The site deliberately has a simple and conservative navigation, which is user-friendly and reassuring. Here, there is less focus on downloading the app than before. Instead, it is easy to find your way around the many banking services that Lunar offers today. The 'edgy' web design and the elegant look, on the other hand, stand out significantly from all other blue financial companies. Lunar's online universe is not just blue, but a whole range of powerful colours that arouse curiosity and confirm to every visitor that Lunar is a completely different bank, which is cool, urban and modern - with vivid, vibrant images.
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The Result
Time spent on the “About” and “What’s in it for me” pages has increased by 67% Mobile conversion experienced a stable 47 % increase in conversation and on desktop we saw a whopping 375 % increase!
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